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Praise for the Vegan Living Program from our wonderful participants...

"The Vegan Living Program is a uniquely beneficial and inspiring experience. The organizers have done a phenomenal job educating everyone involved in the program and providing the necessary support organizations and materials for new vegans. Anyone interested in making a positive impact on animals, the planet, and their own health should absolutely participate in this program. At the very least it's free easy public education that everyone should take advantage of."

- Audrey Rome

"My wife told me a year ago that she was going vegan and I had a fit. I was angry that she would judge me while she was eating salad and I was eating a burger. She assured me it wouldn't be that way and my wife had a difficult time being vegan since I've constantly be eating non-vegan junk. Last summer she did a similar vegan program in the city that I turn down and refused to go. This year before starting the vegan living program again she started giving me some reading material. That peaked my interest so my wife asked if I do the program with her and I figured once a week for 2 to 3 hours wasn't bad. I figured if I didn't like it I could just leave and not come back and my wife agreed. From day one I was hooked. I am a fact-based, numbers person and the info in the binder alone got me excited, as did the food samples they had on day one. Week 2: Vegan nutrition - was extremely informative. I missed week three because of work, but I made sure I attended the Wednesday film screening of Cowspiracy. By the time we had visited the animal sanctuary in week 4, I had decided  that this was going to be our life going forward. It has become easier for my wife now that I'm on board with living vegan. The hardest part for us so far has been dealing with visiting my mother and father who grew up in South America and have a very different upbringing and mentality. I love that they're actually alternatives for just about everything. My main reason for starting the program was my love for my puppies and animals in general. The health benefits are staggering. I've lost 40 pounds in the last four weeks, my body pains have subsided, and I feel amazing and energized. This program has opened my eyes to changing my life. Thank you!" 

- Jonathan Gonzalez

"The VLP is the best program I've ever participated in. The support that showers over everyone is priceless. The organizers are inspiring and every presentation is chock full of useful information. The amount of knowledge gained is amazing, and the scope of information presented is perfect. Big thanks to all involved in this very important effort."

- Susan Shilling

"I've had an amazing experience working with my vegan coach, who has been very helpful and supportive. I believe that anyone who is on the fence about veganism will be highly inspired by this program. Everyone is kind and I look forward to returning to the program and giving back what I was given."

- Kristen Donaphin

"This program is so well thought out and well organized that it's almost unreal. The food demo was fantastic, showing you can eat "normal" on a vegan diet, the information was vital, and the trip to the sanctuary drove the information home linking the animals as beings. Robin and Demo are vegan warriors and I am a better person for knowing them." 

- Sherri Rocco

"Unbelievably wonderful opportunity for meeting other vegans and up-and-coming vegans. Great educational program. Can't say enough good about the Vegan Living Program. Such a valuable meaningful program led by two great, positive people - Robin and Demo. The philosophy and education is so right on. I am so grateful for the program!" 

- Susan Datri

"I fully recommend the VLP to anyone who is curious about veganism or looking to connect with other vegans. The people are very knowledgeable, friendly, and overall awesome! I can't wait to be part of it and lend a helping hand next year."

- Jeanmarie Kent

"Being a coach is one of my most rewarding experiences. It is such a joy to encourage and support someone's transformation to veganism. I often think that starting my pledge on this road means saving 100 animals from slaughter each year. It feels amazing to be making this difference for the animals. Thank you to the organizers for all you do to make this program possible."

- Ann Merrill

"My coach was very supportive and also laid-back at the same time. It was helpful for me and I think it was a great match. I loved everyone support and made a lot of friends. I feel more myself now that I am vegan."

- Joe Mazza

"The Vegan Living Program has really educated me about so many different aspects about eating and the environment. It has made me a much much more aware of what we can do to live in a world where people can choose to live a more ethical life. I am forever grateful. Thank you to the organizers." 

- Paula Zdanovich

"I enjoyed the experience of coaching in the Vegan Living Program very much! Having been living vegan for about 20 years it made me feel very good to participate in this wonderful program, sharing my knowledge, experience and beliefs with a pledge who was interested in living vegan. It was very heartwarming to watch my pledge graduate and speak about how much he had benefited from the program and changed his way of thinking and living." 

- Kevin Ross

"I was truly matched with the perfect coach. Loved the program and appreciate all the planning, insight, and support from the organizers, and my coach."

- Linda James

"I think the program is awesome. I am proud to have participated as a coach and it has given me the opportunity to meet more awesome people. It's an effective way to spread veganism. I really enjoyed the program." 

- Melissa Frank

"If you see an advertisement, or hear about this program-don't think, just join! Amazing! The program will change your life!" 

- Catherine Condoluci 

"The VLP was extremely helpful. The program is very well structured and stress-free." 

- Eva T

"I found the program very interesting and informative. I learned about the impact on the environment, and it was interesting trying different foods and finding people with common concerns. Was a great group thank you. My coach was great." 

- Jody Hawkes

"I found it to be very enlightening. Being vegan for a while my intention was to support animal rights. Not being aware of the impact that animal consumption had on our environment, so this has impacted my journey so much. Thank you to the organizers for your love, passion, wisdom, education, and devotion. I will be forever grateful." 

- Linda Varady Berman

"I am truly grateful for these amazing eye-opening five weeks. Aside from learning so much about veganism is value in healthy living, I learned so many important lessons and facts about which I had no idea. You helped me make the connections between maintaining the earth's sustainability and the choices in my diet. But for me the most incredible journey was the trip to Skyland Sanctuary and listening to Mike [Stura]. That day, the stories, the animals, and especially Mike were truly amazing. Mike had the most profound and lasting effect on me, my life, and my actions in the future. His love and conviction etched indelibly in my heart. I will never forget Jimmy and all the animals. My thanks always." 

- Bobbi Zorn

"The Vegan Living Program truly validated that being vegan is for me. I became vegan for health reasons, but now I am vegan for so much more. The VLP open my eyes to the different benefits of veganism, such as the animals, environment, world hunger, etc. Having a coach as well as the weekly events was so encouraging and helpful. I definitely recommend this program. I learned so much that will benefit me for a lifetime."

- Alina

"I have been interested in transitioning to veganism for a while. It is nice to know that my reasons for not only backed up, but supported. The group as a whole really helped me immerse myself in this lifestyle and I found it much easier than I thought. It also gave me more confidence to stand up to family and friends with solid information in hand. This experience was just the beginning. I will be maintaining veganism because it really speaks to my ethics and values." 

- DP

"The Vegan Living Program was an enlightening experience on my dependence on animals as a primary food source. As someone who thought they were eating a primarily plant-based diet I quickly learned I was mistaken. I highly recommend this program." 

- 2017 VLP Pledge

"This program came into my life at the right time, and I am so happy to participate as a pledge. My coach is the best. We are more than coach and pledge: we are friends thanks to this program. The program has given me the support I needed to become 100% plant-based vegan and I am looking forward to coming back next year to "pay it forward" and become a coach. thank you to the organizers. You've changed my life!"

- Rosemarie Walton

"I think the program is awesome. I am proud to have participated as a coach and it has given me the opportunity to meet more awesome people. It's an effective way to spread veganism. I really enjoyed the program." 

- Melissa Frank

"This program has changed my life in so many ways. I was contemplating a lifestyle change and not sure where to turn in when I found the program on Facebook. I am amazed how this program has raised my consciousness. I no longer have any desire for anything animal. I feel so much healthier, body mind and spirit. My skin is glowing, I've lost weight, and I feel good in every way. I even have a stronger connection to my dog which I didn't know was possible."

- Lynn Goldstein

"The ability to meet other vegans and share experiences is so worthwhile. As a second time coach I have enjoyed working with both of my pledges, and intend to have lasting friendships with them both. Thank you for providing this much-needed educational series." 

- Jacqueline Azadi

"This program gave me the information I needed to be able to make a lifelong commitment. Being able to understand that the best way to help the planet, help animals, and heal myself by choosing a plant-based diet fuels that decision and makes that choice easy to stick with." 

- Ellyn Stein

"I found the Vegan Living Program extremely helpful in order to make people aware of the cruel reality about the animals. I loved to meet and learn with my coach and all the instructors. Thank you so much!"

- Karin Rayol

"This program was great! I am reclaiming veganism so to be surrounded by like-minded people. The first time I became vegan I did it alone. I read a lot of books to obtain the info. Dealing with family, friends, and coworkers who had no idea really what veganism is truly about. I feel more comfortable with my choice and decision to become vegan. It is my choice and service to this planet and world. Though I do not have companion animals of my own, I now understand why veganism is not just about health. I am thankful for the info I received."

- 2017 VLP Pledge

"A life-changing program! The passionate organizers, coaches, and presenters will definitely help me to stay motivated. Aside from the diet, the moral aspect of veganism can no longer be ignored." 

- Bonnie Vulin

"This program is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone even considering vegan living. So much wonderful information presented in a kind and friendly manner. Thank you!" 

- Christine Hanna

"I recommend this excellent program to anyone who is interested in learning more about the vegan perspective. The presentations are informative and practical. Myths are dispelled here. Yes, it is possible to get enough protein on a vegan diet, and vegan food can be delicious! More importantly, people who care about the impact they have on their fellow beings, and on the environment, come together to explore the possibilities for change."

- Pamela Kenley-Meschino


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