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The Vegan Living Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that coordinates month-long, in-person vegan mentorship programs in the United States. Founded by Robin Helfritch Maratos and Erin Marcus, we are comprised of 5 Directors plus additional local volunteers. 

Our organization evolved out of anti-globalization organizing in the Towson, MD area in 2003, and primarily coordinated anti-vivisection and fur protests. In 2007, we began our frequent vegan outreach and leafleting events and began to organize demonstrations for animals used by the rodeo and foie gras industries, in addition to fur and vivisection. We also worked closely with organizations in upstate New York on the Wegmans Cruelty campaign from 2006-2008. In 2009, passionate new organizers merged with longtime local event coordinators, and in 2010 we began organizing in both Baltimore and Washington, DC as Open the Cages Alliance (OTCA). Today we operate in both Baltimore and New York City/Long Island, NY under the name Vegan Living Program.

In 2011, we coordinated our first Vegan Living Program in Baltimore, a free educational program in which participants pledged to be vegan for one month, with the support of a personal Vegan Coach, free weekly educational sessions and materials, and supportive social events. In 2014 we added a second Vegan Living Program in Long Island, NY, and in 2018 added VLPs in both Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. In 2019, we added a Vegan Living Program in Pasadena, CA. Our plan is to keep expanding the program far and wide by working with existing organizations and solo organizers to set up regional VLPs based on their local needs and demographics.


Stay updated on news about our Vegan Living Programs and other events!

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