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The Vegan Living Program (VLP) is a community-building vegan mentorship program. It features a month of in-person educational events that cover the hows and whys of vegan living, including the ethical and environmental impact of veganism, nutrition, cooking, meal planning, and being vegan in a not-yet-vegan world.


Participants pledge to live vegan for the duration of the program, with the help of volunteer Vegan Coaches and our educational program. Vegan Pledges receive a binder full of resources and recipes, and a goody bag of free vegan stuff to make the transition easier and more fun! 


It’s clear that more and more of us are interested in addressing animal exploitation, tackling climate change, and concerned about our own health. In fact, according to search engine giant Google, the search interest for “vegan” is on the rise, increasing 32% in recent years. Whatever your motivation, the Vegan Living Program is designed to provide you with the support you need, and to build a community of like-minded individuals.


The Vegan Living Program has been held with overwhelming success since 2011 in Baltimore, MD, Long Island, NYRochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, and Pasadena, CA, helping more than 1,300 individuals to live vegan.

   Join us! Choose the program in your area below.  

April 13 - May 11, 2024

June 1 - 29, 2024


Stay updated on news about our Vegan Living Programs and other events!

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